‘Don’t Trust the B’ Star Eric Andre Shares His Favorite Fake Band Names

01.30.13 5 years ago 15 Comments

Eric Andre’s official website gives you a good idea of what he finds funny. The homepage shows a giant picture of Eric’s head, surrounded by demons and gods and convention attendees and churchgoers. Instead of an arrow, you drag over the screen with a hand, which can be used to slap the deity of your choosing. Screams and cries of terrors ensue. It’s amazing, though not as great as “Alien vs Predator vs Brown vs The Board of Education.”

A v. P is just one of many fake band names Andre, who you might recognize as barista Mark from ABC’s recently canceled Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 or from his titular Adult Swim talk show, has come up with, all of which can be seen at the newly launched Eric’s Band Names. A brief excerpt:

Middle Aged Babies
Bob Robbed Grandma
Elderly Jesus
Nope Go-ped
Zach Braff’s Blog
The CEO’s
Gas Station Art
Maiting Call Waiting
Giblet Failure
Monocle Experience
Doo Doo Bracelets
The Puss Magnets
Party Mouth
Large Cousins
Toasted Octagon
Soul Mates With Benefits
Siblings With Benefits
Mood Poisoning (Via)

Dibs on Zach Braff’s Blog for my future doc-rock horrorcore band. View the rest here.


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