Come And Watch The 5 Doritos Ad Finalists That Could Make It To The Super Bowl

01.30.14 5 years ago 10 Comments

In America, Doritos are a staple in our culture. When you trick-or-treated as a kid, or as a creepy adult on Halloween, the house that handed out Doritos was the best. You always remember the house that gives the premium chips and candy. Not that one house that handed out pennies, or Necco Wafers. You think this is a f*cking game?

I have a friend who once made nachos but used Doritos instead of the normal tortilla chips. Let’s just say it was the greatest/worst thing I have ever seen in relation to how you eat Doritos. His doctor got chills that night and didn’t know why. Anyway, Doritos has a contest going where 5 finalists are chosen, and 2 gets of them get to have their ads played during the Super Bowl. Pretty smart by Doritos: Farm out the creative responsibilities to Doritos fans and let them do the work. Nothing will ever top the Doritos ad where a dog murders and buries a cat, then bribes a guy with Doritos to keep quiet about it. I laughed a little too much at that one.

Here are the 5 finalists:

Source: Doritos, Videos via YouTube

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