Dr. Phil Gives His Professional Television Doctor Opinion On Justin Bieber During ‘The Late Show’

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01.30.14 5 Comments

Look, let’s face facts here. I don’t enjoy writing about Justin Bieber any more than most of you enjoy reading it. If you even read it. I believe that most of you see the glimmer of his dead eyes in the header and just jump straight to the comments.

But there is a reason for all that Bieber talk and traffic, and it’s not exactly the greatest secret in the world. Take this Dr. Phil interview on Letterman. There is no reason to even bring up Bieber, he’s not on the show and he didn’t even do anything today. But people will pay attention and it generates buzz, so there it is as the preview clip for the evening.

In a perfect world, we’d all say f*ck Justin Bieber and whatever Kardashian is in the news this week. We’d then all go find the guy who invented racism and beat the sh*t out of him because we’d have time on our hands. And time travel would be a thing in that alternate universe.

Instead here we are, claiming that Justin Bieber might’ve had d*ck drugs in his car during his arrest and he might be trying to conceive a child with a newly sex changed Bruce Jenner. That or I hear they might be adopting, I’m not sure.

(Via Late Show)

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