Eddie Redmayne And James Corden Show Why ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Wouldn’t Work In The Modern World

There’s no way to really get around it, Fantastic Beasts has hit theaters and J.K. Rowling’s world of wizards is back in the spotlight. The Harry Potter universe is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but I will admit that wizards and magical monsters in a suitcase that cause havoc in 1920s New York is more interesting than a kid that grows up and learns magic over the course of 18 movies or books. The numbers are fudged, but you get the point.

But with it taking place in the early 20th century, Fantastic Beasts doesn’t have to deal with issues involving travel that many face in the modern world. Namely the TSA and their draconian practices towards liquids and your belt. That’s where this sketch from The Late Late Show comes in, showing how Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander would have a heck of a time making it through airport security with his case full of beasts. Not only that, but Scamander is a poor traveler and doesn’t know how to pack his luggage in order to move quickly through security.

Who packs a full bottle of mouthwash in a carry-on? Who isn’t rolling their clothes to conserve space and efficiently pack more for their trip? A case full of monsters makes far more sense than any of that junk. Why not just try to bring a pair of fingernail clippers through security too? Why not just check off all the boxes for being a poor traveler? Not everybody in line is pissed off yet.

Corden does play the perfect scummy TSA agent, stealing your mouthwash in the name of safety. If you’ve yet to meet a person like this or one who instantly seems to hate your existence, you haven’t traveled enough. Thanksgiving will be a prime opportunity for you.

(Via The Late Late Show)