‘Emily In Paris’ Is An Agent Of Chaos In A New Commercial For NBC’s 2024 Olympics Coverage

Emily In Paris remains ridiculous popular despite itself. Season 4 is in the works, and who knows if the title character will ever have to grapple with the real-life viral bed bug scourge that’s been in the news (probably not? it sure would be funny, though). For now, however, Lily Collins has dusted off Emily Cooper to make her contribution to NBC Sports’ upcoming coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympics. Yes, this goes as disastrously as you can imagine.

Emily is tasked with designing a uniform for U.S. sprinter Noah Lyles, and what she envisions does apparently help the U.S. seize gold, but surely, what transpires will result in disqualification. That haute couture cape would literally knock out the competition, so perhaps Emily is thinking about the wrong sport, but hey, nothing about Emily In Paris makes sense either, so this commercial at least stays consistent to the Netflix show’s fluffy vibe.

Is that Champere Champagne that she’s spewing across a boardroom? Fingers crossed.

Naturally, this is also a missed opportunity to bring in Lucas Bravo for a hot Chef Gabriel cameo, too. And why not add Bruno Gouery in for a little Evil Gays reference from The White Lotus? If Netflix is in with NBC for this promo, then HBO could join the party, too. Also, Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso character went from being an NBC Olympic commentator to starring in his own Apple TV+ show, so toss him in the mix as well. Party time.

Emily In Paris Season 4 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming.