Emma Stone Slipped In Some Woody Harrelson Jokes While Being Admitted To The ‘Five-Timers Club’ On ‘SNL’

Emma Stone has been hosting SNL since 2010, and her most recent stint marked a milestone: It was her fifth time. You know what that means: She’s now an official member of the “Five-Timers Club,” the elite group of celebs who’ve hosted that many times or more. Only about two dozen people have hit that mark, and it’s always a cause for celebration. She even made sure to slip in some jokes to the last person who was admitted: Her Zombieland costar Woody Harrelson.

Stone was welcomed to the club by two fellow Five-Timers: Tina Fey, who’s returned to the show as host six times since leaving as a cast member, and Candice Bergen, who was both the first woman to host SNL and its first to do so five times.

The Oscar-winning Poor Things actress said SNL has “always been my favorite show and since I started hosting it’s also become just a huge part of my life. I have made so many memories here and so many friends. And I even met my husband at SNL.”

Stone said her spouse, filmmaker Dave McCary, is “camera shy,” but asked the show to cut to a shot of him. They then cut to Lorne Michaels.

Fey and Bergen soon joined her, with Fey telling Stone, “At 35 years old, you are officially the youngest member. I am the second youngest at 53.”

Eventually the two handed Stone her official Five-Timers jacket, but it appeared to belong to someone else: When she reached into its pockets, she pulled out a joint.

“That must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket,” said Bergen.

Stone then pulled out a vaccine card, prompting Fey to say, “Oh, then it’s definitely not Woody’s” — an apparent reference to Harrelson’s vax-skeptic monologue from the last time he hosted the show.

You can watch Stone join the SNL Five-Timers Club in the video above.