Terrence Howard And Taraji P. Henson Help Jimmy Fallon Bring ‘Empire’ To ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon actually managed to create a Tonight Show parody that featured a few funny bits (and no cameo by Jay Leno). There is a cameo at the very end, though, so stay tuned. What we get is Fallon and company attempting to capture the lightning in a bottle of Fox’s hit, Empire, by parodying it and turning The Tonight Show into a “Jimpire,” featuring Fallon on the search for a successor to his comedy prom king throne.

His choices? Not Higgins or Higgy in this parody (with a full on lingerie show at one point). Instead it’s down to Questlove and his deep, dark secret, and Tariq/ Black Thought from The Roots (doing his best “Drip Drop” and making a hefty Chris Christie joke).

Black Thought is definitely one of the highlights of this sketch, getting the look and act down perfectly. But he’s overshadowed a bit by the presence of Higgy, completely out of this world and ridiculous at all points when he’s on the screen. Terrence Howard might be there to warn against it and call Jimmy a motherf*cker, but it’s not a bad sketch (not as good as SNL‘s, but not bad).

And by the end, the big cameo is actually a slight surprise. It’s one of those surprises that you point out as obvious after the fact since it is Donald Trump and all, but I was actually almost expecting Conan O’Brien for a moment. It’d be a little awkward, but a memorable TV moment.

(Via The Tonight Show)