Every ‘Simpsons’ Chalkboard Quote

02.16.12 3 Comments

With the 500th episode of “The Simpsons” coming up this Sunday, the Internet is currently chockablock with tributes related to the show. A lot of them are pretty dumb, but a couple are actually kind of cool ([nudges with elbow] Didja see our GIF post yesterday? Huh, didja?). I realize it might get to the point of overkill by the end of the week, but, look, it’s either this or a post about one of the weirdos from “Ghost Hunters” leaving the show. I’m looking out for you guys here.

With that in mind, here is every single chalkboard quote that Bart Simpson has written during the opening credits of the show. Looking over it now, these were kind of a precursor to Twitter — short, witty, off-beat statements that are almost funnier with the context removed. All that’s missing are a couple pictures of food and a creepshow message or two directed at a pornstar about how much Bart “loves her work.” Although that might be a little weird coming from a 10-year-old. I guess my point here is that you should keep your kids off Twitter.

(Source: Cabletv.com via Buzzfeed

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