‘Boobs On The Ground’? Fox News Cracks Sexist Jokes About Female Pilot Who Bombed ISIS

If you haven’t heard yet, 35-year-old United Arab Emirates fighter pilot Mariam Al Mansouri led a squadron of F-16 Falcons in the first airstrike for her country against ISIS on Monday. Al Mansouri graduated flight school in 2007 and was the first of just three women to join the Emirati air force when they began accepting women. She is, in a nutshell, a hero and all around inspirational human being.

Enter Fox News. During a Wednesday airing of The Five, female anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle took some airtime to honor this amazing woman and her achievements, while her mouth-breathing co-hosts Greg Gutfield and Eric Bolling chimed in to yuk yuk some zingers. As Guilfoyle mentioned how in some countries in that region, women aren’t even allowed to drive, Gutfield hee-haw’ed that “the problem [was], after she bombed it she couldn’t park it” while his sidekick made a dumb “boobs on the ground” joke.

Even Guilfoyle — who literally works for Fox News and is used to (and probably participates in) this sexist sh*theelery on a regular basis — seemed extremely disappointed in her co-hosts. Hey boys, you forgot the one about how she took down ISIS, but still can’t kill a spider on her own. That one’s on the house. Or how about the one with the pampered, whitebread Fox News hosts who make crappy jokes because otherwise they’d have to come to terms with the fact that a woman could hand their asses to them?

(Via Talking Points Memo)