Watch Chris Pratt Get Actual Human Hair Glued To His Face For ‘Parks And Recreation’

As we all know, Chris Pratt is a meaty leading man now. Fresh off his Saturday Night Live hosting gig however, Pratt still has time to film the final season of Parks and Recreation, the much beloved sitcom that helped get him where he is today. But since he had to be clean shaven for Saturday Night Live, the Parks and Rec crew is now forced to GLUE HUMAN HAIR to his face to get him in character as Andy Dwyer. That’s right: Human hair. On his face. This to me is more terrifying to me than anything I’ve seen from American Horror Story so far.

I had shaved for SNL and now I’m back to playing Andy on Parks and Rec so I must have my beard glued on every day. Pretty amazing. And real human hair! Which I’m reminded of every time I take a bite of food. #TastesLikeRealHair #WhosHairAmIEating? #Seriously #Gross #Showbiz #ManBeard #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessMyFakeAndyBeard #RandomHairStuckToMyLips #Badass

(Via Pajiba)

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