Fall TV Draft: The Uproxx Staff Picks New And Returning Shows To Watch

Well, it’s fall. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are getting ready to make a break for it, and the sun is going to start clocking out earlier and earlier. It is quickly approaching Time To Be Inside. Luckily, these many hours of inside time can be filled with many hours of exciting new and returning television shows. They won’t give you any vitamin D but they will give you plenty of vitamin E. The E stands for “enjoyment.” Please disregard the fact that there already is a vitamin E that means something else.

To help you get a handle on some of these upcoming shows, the Uproxx staff got together for a little Fall TV draft. Each of the six participants picked one new show they’re looking forward to and one returning show. Reader, it was chaos. It seemed so simple, too. But we did it. For you.