Cast Members Of The First Season Of ‘Fargo’ Reflect On Their Colorful, Despicable, Charming Characters

and 10.12.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

More than 40 characters were killed in the first season of FX’s critically acclaimed Fargo, which amounts to roughly four per episode. Of course, if you’re the type of TV viewer who’s a little more concerned with the bloody specifics, then it’s worth noting 22 of those murders took place just in Lorne Malvo’s insane and vaguely-executed rampage scene in “Who Shaves the Barber?” so it’s not like Noah Hawley’s characters were croaking left and right. But when they were shot, stabbed, sliced, drowned, and (in poor Don Chumph’s case) carved with more holes than all of the cheese in Switzerland, almost all of the colorful weirdos, losers, and psychopaths of Fargo went out in ways that seemed gratifying, if not entirely fitting.

The first season of Fargo somehow managed to be both dark and charming, allowing us to follow the cold, calculating, and manipulative monster Lorne Malvo as he left a trail of bodies and ruined Lester Nygaard’s anything-but-perfect life in the process. The second season travels back to 1979 to tell the story of Molly’s father and a Sioux Falls massacre referenced a few times in the first season; it goes without saying that the bar has already been set very high for the types of creative characters we expect young Lou Solverson to meet in season two.

To better understand the mindsets of these weird and wonderful characters, we spoke to some of the actors who played them in the first season.

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