‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Has An Appropriately Depressing Reason For Making Her Sex Tape

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05.09.13 44 Comments

According to the intern who’s in charge of this kind of stuff at Vivid, four times as many people watched Farrah Abraham’s sex tape/whatever during its first day of release as did Kim Kardashian’s. Either that’s a whole lotta Teen Mom fans, or people enjoy human misery (not mutually exclusive). In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Abraham explained why she made Backdoor Teen Mom instead of trying to make it in Hollywood.

Hollywood Diner. Everyone wants to work there. Great tips.

I have no relationships and I’m, like, sad sometimes. So, taking all this into consideration…that’s what brought me here today. I felt this was my way of embracing my sexuality and being happy for me. (Via)

Let’s get rid of the filler in that quote.

I have no relationships and I’m, like, sad sometimes.

Apparently love isn’t “the first thing we’re going to do is anal?” I’m going to crawl under a rock now. Bye.

(Via Gawker)

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