The Most Fun TV GIFs To Make In 2013: A GIF Maker's Guide

Webster’s defines an animated GIF as “a graphics image that moves” (seriously). Earlier this year, the good folks at UPROXX decided to give me blogging powers as an outlet to post GIFs to my heart’s content. So I thought, instead of the typical “best of” list to close out the year, why not give you guys a bit of commentary on some of my favorite ones to make. Cool? Cool.

Couple of notes:

  • While a year in review post should should be a context clue for “spoiler alert,” the last two pages in particular have heavy Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad spoilers.
  • This is as good a place as any to note that The New York Times profiles GIF makers now. I’m hoping there’s a snarky New York Post headline in my future.
  • Most importantly, this post serves as an excuse to re-post Pete Campbell falling down the stairs.

Pete And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season

So many bad things happened to Pete Campbell this past season of Mad Men. I also got a new favorite Alison Brie GIF and a reason to be on Team Benson. Hopefully they end next season with a bear attack.

Wynn Duffy: Man Of Reaction

There’s so much to love about Justified: from Boyd Crowder using forty words when only four will do to everything about “Decoy” to Drew Thompson being a badass. It’s just so much easier to make these GIFs without having to type in stuff. That, and I’m apparently bad at spelling. So here’s to Wynn Duffy and his reactions to things.

Call Backs

This might come as a surprise, but I enjoy Archer quite a bit. One of my favorite aspects of the show is the multiple call backs. While they’re usually calling back to previous episodes of Archer, this season had Timothy Olyphant assisting on a Justified reference and a two-part Sealab 2021 themed season finale. I was delighted.

I also like that the show’s official font is freely available and looks nice in GIFs.

Oh, and here’s Pam humping an A-Rab Arab hoagie. That took forever to edit down to to a sizable GIF.

Everybody Can Get It. By It, I Mean Death.

In a series known for killing off main characters on a whim, Game of Thrones had its biggest shocker yet by killing off multiple Starks at a wedding they were invited to. Even as a book reader, I thought the tension was brought up well throughout the episode. My awe of watching the books come to life ends after this season, as there’s no way I’m going to find time to read the rest before they get televised.

Drogon burninating Astapor was pretty cool too.

Watching So Much Breaking Bad

The most notable highlight of my time here was GIFing up all of Breaking Bad; from a reflection of the first 4.5 seasons (when I spent more time re-watching than editing) to the final eight episodes (when I spent most of my time looking up heart medication). I’ve rarely had the opportunity to delve into a show that deeply, let alone one this good.