Robert Kirkman Reveals ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Premiere Date

In a recent Q&A with Fangoria, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that the six-episode first season of Fear the Walking Dead will debut on AMC in August, noting that he was “really excited” for the series to premiere. He did not give an exact date, but given that The Walking Dead usually premieres in mid-October, it’s safe to assume that Fear the Walking Dead will premiere in the last week of August, allowing it to lead straight into the mothership.

Kirkman also suggested that the first season of Fear the Walking Dead will be crazier and more chaotic than the first season of The Walking Dead, in part because of the opportunities, with it being set in Los Angeles, and in part because we’ll get to see “civilization crumble.” He also noted another difference between the prequel and the original series is that Fear will be shot digitally (as opposed to The Walking Dead, which is shot on film).

In the interview, Kirkman also wouldn’t rule out another limited-run spin-off series of The Walking Dead, but noted they had no plans to do so anytime soon.

“Let’s see how FEAR THE WALKING DEAD goes first, and then we’ll have nine spin-offs, and that’ll be great,” he said.

(Via: Fangoria and Moviefone)

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