A Featurette For The Second Half Of This Season Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Has Arrived

AMC’s The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest television franchises around now, with the spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, just as popular as the original series. With Fear The Walking Dead’s second season about to pick up again starting on August 21st, AMC has released a new featurette to prepare fans for the second part of season two.

According to ComicBook, the team behind Fear The Walking Dead are happy to expand what they can do with their characters in the second part of the second season, including splitting characters up in their search for a home during the zombie apocalypse.

“Now that the world has expanded, we can tell greater stories, we can explore different communities, and there are now not only more infected, but in order to survive, the stakes are even greater. Now that they’re on shore, we get to see how suited to this environment they are. People will resort to much more violent measures. Some rise to the occasion and some fail.”

The show’s focus has always felt a lot different from the original series, The Walking Dead, that focused on a small group surviving in Georgia, by heading to the other coast in Los Angeles, California during the apocalypse, being more character-driven than the original. Fear The Walking Dead will conclude its second season starting on August 21st on AMC.

(Via ComicBook)