‘Firefly’ Co-Stars Nathan Fillion And Summer Glau Have A Small Screen Reunion On The Way

Do you happen to have some confetti on-hand? Good. Toss it in the air. Why? It’s so you can celebrate the mini Firefly reunion slated to go down this spring.

TV Line reports that Summer Glau is headed to ABC for a guest spot on Nathan Fillion‘s unkillable crime series Castle. Glau will take on the role of Kendall Frost in an upcoming episode. Who is this mysterious Kendall Frost you politely ask? She’s a “provocative” private detective from Los Angeles that finds herself trying to solve the same mystery as our good pal Richard Castle.

This Mal + River reunion event has been earmarked for Castle‘s 14th episode of this season. If that sounds like a clunky way of describing when it airs, that’s because it sorta is. There doesn’t appear to be a set date for that particular episode beyond “spring,” so we suppose the airdate is still up in the air. That said, we can tell you that the new season (season eight!) will resume on February 1.

For those of you scoring at home, Summer Glau isn’t the only Firefly alum to swing by Nathan Fillion’s current TV haunt. Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin have both entered the world of Castle and have the IMBD credits to prove it.

(via TV Line)