Flight Of The Conchords Set The Date For First Official US Show In Three Years

Flight of the Conchords, one of the most popular New Zealand comedy bands in recent memory, have not been an ongoing concern in recent years. While Bret McKenzie has been winning Oscars and doing great things, and Jemaine Clement has done plenty of cool stuff as well, fans have been waiting for a reunion for years now. While there have been murmurings, including from the guys themselves, about getting back together, we’ve now got some real, hard evidence. Flight of the Conchords will be headlining the Newport Folk Festival this July.

This show is their first tour date in the United States in three years. While there is no news of dates to follow, this is a good sign that the previously promised tour will happen, eventually, and perhaps soon. The duo will play July 22, the first day of the festival, a great way to kick things off. In addition to Flight of the Conchords, Father John Misty and Nathan Radcliffe & the Night Sweats will both be performing as well.

However, let’s get real here. Flight of the Conchord’s appearance is what’s worth getting excited over. In addition to being good musicians, Bret and Jemaine are hilarious gentlemen, and even though this isn’t quite as exciting as a return of their TV show would be, it’ll have to do. It looks like, once again, it’s business time for Flight of the Conchords.

(Via Consequences of Sound)