Foo Fighters Will Serve As The Musical Guest For ‘The Late Show’ All Next Week

First the good news: The highly-anticipated HBO series Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways debuts next Friday, October 17, and fans of (arguably) the world’s greatest rock band are probably geeking the heck out over finally being able to watch Dave Grohl and Co. travel the country to investigate the roots and unique sounds of regional music. Now the super awesome news: Foo Fighters are going to spend every night next week, beginning on Monday, October 13, as the musical guest for The Late Show with David Letterman. Next week is going to rule so much, and I look forward to people making fun of us for being so excited about each musical performance.

Originally, it was reported that Foo Fighters would be playing a new song from the upcoming album, “Sonic Highways” (due out on Nov. 10), each night on The Late Show, but it’s actually even cooler than that. Instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the band is going to be playing covers of songs from each city that it visited for the series and album, and joining Foo Fighters each night will be local musicians from those cities. Basically, it’s like a rock star fantasy camp for the mostly unknown artists, and we simply get to reap all of the benefits.

And maybe, if we’re really, really lucky, Foo Fighters will also once again deliver Letterman’s Top 10 list.