Fox May Pick Up John Mulaney's NBC Pilot

07.01.13 11 Comments

(via Getty Image)

One of the bigger surprises/bummers of this year’s pilot season was NBC’s decision to pass on the half-hour comedy from John Mulaney. The show seemed to have everything going for it: a rising young star, positive buzz, a big name cast including Martin Short and Elliott Gould, the blessing of NBC kingmaker Lorne Michaels, etc. And yet, no dice.

But now, according to Deadline, the show is getting a second chance at a new network.

I’ve learned that Fox has ordered a script, described as a quick pass at the script by Mulaney that got a pilot order at NBC. If the network likes the new version, the project will receive a six-episode series order. I hear Fox brass are big fans of Mulaney and were interested in the project with some script and potential cast adjustments. I hear star Mulaney and co-star Martin Short and set to continue, with the future of the other cast members unclear.

This is wonderful news. Not necessarily for Elliott Gould and Nasim Pedrad (who may be dropped from the cast if that blockquote is to be believed), or for Saturday Night Live (which may be losing one of its top writers and a potential Weekend Update replacement for Seth Meyers), but for me, because I want to see this show. That’s what’s important here. My happiness.

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