Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Arrested For Being A Drunk Ass In An Airport

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05.22.14 11 Comments

Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett was arrested at the Northern Lights Grill (sounds fancy) inside the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport yesterday afternoon for being drunk and disorderly and refusing to cooperate with the airport police, who were called about the drunk dude drunkening it up at the bar. The Washington Post reports:

Police said he seemed intoxicated, acted belligerent and refused to follow orders. Jarrett, 59, was booked into Hennepin County Jail on a preliminary charge of obstructing the legal process by interfering with a peace officer, the Associated Press reported. His bond was set at $300, a county jail deputy told The Washington Post.

On May 12, TV Newser reported: “Fox News tells us Gregg Jarrett ‘requested time off for personal reasons and Fox obliged.’” But no other details were mentioned.

Here’s Jarrett’s lovely mugshot…

In related news,’s Jeff Rainforth posted a story in January with accompanying video footage questioning if Jarrett had been drunk or air. Shortly after Jarrett contacted Rainforth, claiming that he had been suffering from an “ocular migraine” the day that the incident occurred, and asked that the story be taken down.

He explained to me that our article was “the first thing that appeared on Google” if you searched his name, and that this was particularly upsetting because he had two children. He asked me if I would take the story down. I suggested we instead do a story explaining what had happened, but he of course pressed me further to just take it down.

Rainforth obliged him. But the footage from the day in question is still on YouTube:

I mean, to give him the benefit of the doubt — it’s very, very possible that Jarrett was suffering from an “ocular migraine,” but if that’s the case it’s also pretty obvious that he chose to wash his migraine meds down with a fifth of vodka. I’ve known enough alcoholics in my life to know a wasted guy when I see one. For the sake of those kids of his that he was claiming to protect, I sincerely hope he gets his sh*t together and seeks the help he needs.

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