Fox News Would Like You To Know That Its On-Air Talent Features 12 Non-Blondes

Based on the viral image of nine blonde Fox News anchors that’s been going around on the internet and social media for the past few years, PunditFact (a subset of PolitiFact) took it upon themselves to do the research to see just exactly how many female Fox News anchors are blonde and how that compares to their non-blonde counterparts. What they found is that, while there are 14 blonde Fox News anchors, there are also actually 12 non-blonde Fox News ones — making it close to a 50/50 ratio. We’ll just ignore the fact that, based on the research I did, only approximately one-quarter of American women are blonde which would skew the curve away from 50/50. Math is hard.

A Facebook post used an image of female Fox News anchors to say that the network lacks diversity in its staff. We found that for those women who are anchors or hosts in any capacity, about half are blond. And while most are white, not all are.

The Facebook image gives the strong impression that all female Fox News anchors and hosts look alike. That’s misleading. We rate the claim Mostly False.

Still, even though the results mostly culled in their favor, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn were less than impressed with the findings.

“Fox, indeed, has its share of blondes,” Fox News host Howard Kurtz noted on Sunday. “The sleuths found 12 non-blondes!”

“I have an idea,” media critic Lauren Ashburn, who is also blond, said. “Why doesn’t PolitiFact see how many shades of blond there are on Fox News? There’s ash blonde, there’s platinum blonde, maybe we could do dirty blonde and see how many variations there are because this is so important!”

“What does this accomplish?” she asked. “Except to make fun of Fox News.”

Well … Let’s be fair, there are worse reasons to do things. See also: “Fact Checkers Debunk Yellow Journalism” up top.

(Rawstory via Jezebel)

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