Wait… Did Monica And Chandler From ‘Friends’ Move Into The ‘Home Alone’ House?

Long before going green was a thing, Hollywood was a huge fan of recycling. Disney recycled animation, as we all know, but this can sometimes lead to bizarre connections between two very different worlds. For example, somehow Tony Montana’s lamp from Scarface endured long enough that Jean-Luc Picard found it at a junk sale centuries later. Which brings us to this: Monica and Chandler from Friends appear to have moved into the McAllister house from Home Alone.

As 22 Vision points out in the above video, it’s not that the gang from Friends was confused about where they lived for ten seasons, or all define the suburbs as “anywhere you can go with a private jet.” The production team needed some background images to put in the windows of the set, and so they rented some backdrops used in Home Alone. It’s not clear whether this was a deliberate joke on the part of the set dressers, or if they just picked “Random Suburban Backdrop #3” and nobody noticed until now.

That said, this does raise another disturbing question. Nobody has any idea what Kevin’s dad does, or what exactly Chandler does. Are they in the same mysterious industry? Do they share business acquaintances? Just how do these men find all this money?

(Via The Sun)