All The Relationship Goals You Picked Up From Watching ‘Friends’

While it is first and foremost a show about, well, friends, Friends is also home to many of the most iconic relationships in sitcom history. From the romantic ups and downs of Ross and Rachel to the comfortably neurotic security of Monica and Chandler and disasters like Chandler’s coupling with Janice, fans got to watch numerous relationships develop into different stages.

There were certainly a fair share of break-ups on Friends, as well, but even some of the relationships that didn’t last had their moments. No relationship was perfect, but there were plenty of swoon-worthy moments to go around. Let’s take a look at some of the moments that still inspire your relationship goals to this day.

An Earth Shattering First Kiss

There’s something magical about first kisses, and Ross and Rachel’s first lip lock after over a season of miscommunication feels pretty epic. After Ross finds out that Rachel finally shares his feelings, not much could keep him away. Not even his girlfriend at the time, Julie (Lauren Tom). Poor Julie.

Finding Your Lobster

It’s safe to say that the reveal of Ross’s lifelong love is one of the most romantic moments ever on Friends. While they may have broken up and gotten back together about a dozen times over the course of the show, this was one of those moments that made fans believe that Ross and Rachel would eventually figure things out and make it work. He’s her lobster. Simple as that.

Finding Someone Who Will Do Anything To Make You Laugh

Sometimes it is the small gestures that make the most impact. Chandler, noted Thanksgiving hater, is reminded of some terrible holiday memories from his past, and Monica is determined to turn things around for him. Her silly turkey routine elicits the very first “I love you” from the Chan Chan Man, moving their relationship status from fling to real commitment.

Finding Someone Who Loves You For You

While stories of her past were always told with a joke, Phoebe really had a pretty terrible childhood. Her adoptive mother committed suicide, she was abandoned by both her birth parents, estranged from her twin sister, and forced to live out much of her youth on the streets — it wasn’t exactly an easy life for Ms. Buffay. So, when she found true love with Mike (Paul Rudd), who loved her for her weirdness instead of in spite of it, viewers couldn’t help but be moved by the happiness the strangest Friend found.

A Partner Who Will Fight For Your Dreams

While there aren’t any huge kisses or extravagant gestures, Chandler’s pleas to the potential birthmother of his and Monica’s child is one of the most touching moments in the series. After a clerical error potentially knocks the Bings out of the running to adopt Erica’s (Anna Faris) baby, Chandler explains to her how much his wife wants to be a mother and how much he loves his wife. It’s a surprisingly tender moment from the previously emotionally stunted Chandler, showing exactly how much the commitment-phobe had grown over ten seasons.

The Dream Surprise Proposal

Chandler didn’t exactly get it right in his first try, but the teary sentiment expressed when Monica surprised him with her own proposal landed perfectly. The occasional slow-dance by candle-light isn’t a bad relationship goal either.

Telling Someone You Want Them To Stay With A Passionate Kiss

Despite their issues, Ross and Rachel never stopped caring deeply for one another. After all, a decade of friendship, a romantic history, and a child is more than enough to inextricably link two people. When Rachel is faced with the prospect of moving to Paris to start a new job and a new life, the resulting fight between Ross and Rachel proves that feelings don’t always disappear when a relationship ends, romance isn’t always pretty, and a kiss can sum up so much in an emotional moment.

Finding Someone You Want To Hold On To

In the last episode of the series, Ross and Rachel finally figure out their drama and commit to each other for the long haul. While we all knew in our heart of hearts that there was no way that Rachel would get on that plane, but the moment of relief when she shows up in the doorway goes down as one of Friends‘ best moments.

This is an updated version of a post that originally ran on May 18, 2016.