A Former ‘Full House’ Fling Is Being Recast For ‘Fuller House’

Over the course of Full House, D.J. Tanner had three major boyfriends (I am not counting Michael, who left her for Kathy Santoni after one episode, or Kevin, the recipient of her first kiss). There was lovable goofball Steve, badass Viper, and nerdy millionaire Nelson. In FMK terms, D.J. should have F’d Viper, M’d Steve, and K’d Nelson, who meant well, but he was such a dork.

And now that dork is coming to Fuller House, and he’ll look very different.

The actor who originally played Nelson, Jason Marsden, has been replaced by Hal Sparks, of Queer as Folk and I Love the Every Decade fame. “He’ll bump into D.J. at their high school reunion, where she’ll discover that he hasn’t changed one bit, except for his face,” according to TVLine. Marsden revealed on Twitter that the decision to not return was all his. “The folks at Netflix, the producers, the casting directors, and the writers of Fuller House all tried… to get me on the show,” he said. “The decision was ultimately mine and mine alone.”

He no longer looks like a dork, even while singing the Full House theme.

Looks like someone’s been hanging out with Viper.

(Via TVLine)