'Full Metal Jousting' Contestant Eliminated For Punching A Horse In The Face

03.15.12 7 years ago 52 Comments

Hoo boy, the rough week for horses continues. In addition to HBO’s “Luck” getting canceled in the wake of three horses dying on set, a contestant on “Full Metal Jousting” was kicked off the show this week for punching a horse in the face. Yup. From Reality Blurred:

Before practice began, Landon Morris, a 27-year-old whose bio says he “learned to ride horses in private school, picking up several riding disciplines and playing polo,” punched his horse full on in the face. “He stepped on my foot,” Landon explained, and his coach, Rod Walker, said, “And you punched him in the head?” “Had to get him off quickly.” Rod said, “I see you punch a horse in the head again—no, seriously! Don’t f**king punch a horse in the head. What is wrong with you?”

As great as Rod’s “Don’t f**king punch a horse in the head” quote is, it is still only the second best quote from this story. That is because the producers went back to Landon later to ask him about the situation, and these words came tumbling out of his big, beautiful mouth (words, as a reminder, that are about punching a horse in the face).

“I’m not upset that I did that. I did it for the right reason.”

I love every single thing about this story. Relevant video below.

via The AV Club

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