FX Just Picked Up Ninety (90) Episodes Of 'Anger Management'

08.29.12 18 Comments

Of course this picture exists


FX has picked up 90 additional episodes of Sheen’s new sitcom, Anger Management, TVLine has learned. The order far surpasses the one-season/10-to 15-episode renewal that has become the cable standard. […]

Even before the series debuted, FX offered Anger quite the incentive: If the 10-episode freshman season hit certain ratings “thresholds,” it would automatically be rewarded with a super-sized follow-up. As it turned out, Anger Management emerged as the highest-rated new comedy series on cable in 2012, averaging 4.53 million total weekly viewers, with 2.5 million landing in the coveted 18-49 demo. [TV Line]

I suppose this is where I’m supposed to rant and rave about how tired I am of seeing Charlie Sheen get rewarded for being a total creep, or how we live in a world where a show like this can get picked up for 90 episodes (which is, like, so many episodes) and Terriers gets sh-tcanned after one season, but I’ve had a rough day and I honestly don’t have it in me right now to march all the way across town carrying buckets to go back to those particular wells. Instead, I’m just gonna let my man Bunk take this one and move right along.

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