A Long-Gone ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Made His Much-Anticipated Return

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08.13.17 8 Comments

Gendry, who’s to Game of Thrones as The Russian was to The Sopranos (or in Simpsons speak, “When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?!?”), hasn’t been on the show since season three. The blacksmith who made Arya feel… things…  was shuttled out of Dragonstone by a concerned Davos. Appropriately, it was the Onion Knight who re-discovered Gendry in “Eastwatch.” He wasn’t still rowing, as many (including Davos) joked, but working in King’s Landing. At least until Davos took him back to Dragonstone.

Gendry’s return wasn’t just fan service, either. As Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, he could play an important role on the show, especially as he’s teamed up with the Stark and Targaryen. His war hammer also holds significance.

Gendry deciding to wield his own warhammer is the most like his father that the poor boy has ever been. Unlike Robert, Gendry didn’t grow up fighting, but learning how to smith his own weapons. Choosing to craft a warhammer rather than a sword for himself is a way of him reclaiming the Baratheon name in some small part, as fitting as Jon finding a Northern Valyrian steel sword like his not-father Ned had. However, a Baratheon warhammer isn’t just a weapon, it’s a symbol of how Robert turned the tides of the war against the Targaryens and became King of the Seven Kingdoms. (Via)

So much for Joe Dempsie’s annual tweet.

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