‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Running Out Of Giants

07.07.17 20 Comments

Game of Thrones is lousy with dragons. There are dragons in every teaser and trailer and in a bunch of scenes, just swooping off in the distance or burning dozens of enemy warriors to death for the crime of looking at Daenerys the wrong way or maybe trying to murder her. Dragons galore. I mean, technically there are only three dragons on the show, but still. That’s three more dragons than there are on, say, Halt and Catch Fire, even though “Halt and Catch Fire” is exactly what those enemy warriors did on Game of Thrones, now that I think about it. The shows should really think about switching titles. Or Halt and Catch Fire should introduce a dragon next season. He can program computers and hate Joe, like everyone else.

I’m sorry. I’m already off-topic. What I’m trying to say is that Game of Thrones has plenty of dragons, still, entering its seventh season. What it is running low on, however, is giants.

Who was your favorite giant on Game of Thrones? Mine was Wun-Wun, the 20-foot tall Wildling warrior and people smasher. Man, Wun-Wun was the best. A battle would start and everyone would run around grabbing their swords to get into fighting position and all their strategy and effort would become immediately futile because he would just march in and pick someone up and slam them into a wall or tear their body in half. It was kind of hilarious, in a way, like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the guy squares off with Indiana Jones and does all his intimidating sword tricks and then Indy just pulls out a gun and shoots him. But more… what’s the word I’m looking for here? Rippy?

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