A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate To President Obama

Bad news, Jon Snow fans: regardless of how Kit Harington’s hair was looking recently, a revelation at the Game of Thrones panel reveals that Jon Snow is more dead than he’s ever been and will likely stay that way. You know how we know? Because Daniel Nutter, the show’s director, told the leader of the free world so, and he wouldn’t lie to Obama, would he?

Variety reports that the bombshell was dropped after Obama told Nutter he was upset the show killed all of his characters off. For a man who claims that the red wedding episode is his favorite, however, he sure seems surprised when the show that’s all about killing the central characters you grow to love kills a central character whom he loves.

Oh well, at least that’s settled for the time being. Good luck with the rest of your career, Kit Harington! Or, you know, see you next season if Daniel Nutter totally lied to the president.

(via Variety)