Watch Peter Dinklage Perfectly Summarize ‘Game Of Thrones’ In Under 45 Seconds

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05.19.14 8 Comments
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MTV News

MTV News recently tasked someone who’s never seen Game of Thrones (these people exist, apparently) with interviewing Peter Dinklage, and the interviewer took the opportunity to ask Tyrion to bring him up to speed on the massively popular series. Also, he gave Dinklage a mere 45 seconds to complete the task.

In addition to having the perfect reaction to the reporter having never seen GOT (see facial expression above), Dinklage also aced his assignment, laying out a poetic description of the show before a handful of seconds had even run off the clock. If HBO has any trouble coming up with a tagline when it’s time to promote season five, they could do a lot worse than “stabby stabby stabby stabby, sexy sexy sexy, stabby stabby stabby, beautiful beeeeaaaaauuutiful language.”

(MTV; H/T The Daily Dot)

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