Game Of Thrones Power Rankings: Dany Goes Full Dresden

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Hot damn, that was certainly an episode, wasn’t it? Daenerys went full firebombing of Dresden on us. I quite liked it. Certainly I could quibble with a few of the choices, and notably the suddenly invincible dragon (dragon ex machina!), but they’re mostly criticisms of the two previous episodes.

In this episode, the dragon worked about how you’d imagine. It was the last couple trying to artificially stretch this confrontation out and chip away at Daenerys that had to bend space and time to fit the narrative outline. Ignoring those, this episode was mostly solid. But hey, enough reviewing.

Euron Greyjoy Outfit Watch

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Say what you will about Euron not getting enough character development, his outfits are always on point. Is that… a star-covered leather motorcycle tunic? Cinched with a jaunty belt? Hell yeah, dude. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the body type to pull that off, but if I did, and assuming I had the confidence and job situation that would allow it, like being the flamboyant leader of a fleet of medieval pirates, say, I would totally wear that. Just a great, great tunic all around.

Down: Euron Greyjoy

Not a ton of foresight, this one. Somehow he knew the town was lost (and presumably his girlfriend lost with it, and wouldn’t screwing her have lost its appeal for him once it was clear she wouldn’t be a queen?) and everything had gone sideways, but he still prioritized killing his girlfriend’s ex over his own life. Man, the ironborn really are miserable bastards, aren’t they? And to think, Euron is the fun-loving one.