Game of Ships: Ranking The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Romances (Including Ones That Still Need To Happen)

04.11.19 2 months ago


The things we do for love.

Look, we know that the days of our most beloved Game of Thrones couples are numbered but we don’t care how many White Walkers the Night King throws at us, nothing can dull the torch these pairings carry for each other. We have weeks to theorize about who’s going to die and how, but before the chaos and bloodshed begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the soft, fluffy ships Game of Thrones has gifted us.

We’re ranking the GoT couples based on how hard we ship them and their potential season eight hookups, from hardest and most likely all the way to borderline delusional. It’s quite a ride.

Brienne and Tormund


Is there anything more romantic than a Ginger-bearded Wildling sizing up his lady love as she trots through the gates of Castle Black dressed in full-armor with a “give-no-f*cks” scowl plastered on her face? Admittedly, this is the ship that’s least-likely to sail (and that’s saying something because a Bronn and Jaime pairing is also on this list) but it’s the purest, most (oddly) satisfying romance on the show. Tormund Giantsbane is a warrior in his own right, which makes his awe and admiration for Brienne of Tarth even more noteworthy. You get the feeling that he’s just one scene away from falling at this woman’s feet and cleaning them with his bushy facefro. Sure, Brienne seems understandably disgusted as he gnaws on a turkey leg while marveling at her flawless beauty, but how many couples have started out as enemies only to wind up being OTP’s? Just let Brienne and Tormund f*ck already, you cowards!

Missandei and Greyworm


Speaking of all things pure and sweet and innocent, the couple that most deserves a happily-ever-after are the right hands of the Mother of Dragons herself. Missandei and Greyworm have been through hell on Game of Thrones. They were enslaved at a young age, brutally abused and used for others’ gain, and still, they’ve found a sliver of light in the darkness through their relationship. Last season saw the two consummate their love, which was a big deal because Greyworm is a eunuch and when’s the last time you saw a eunuch sex scene on the small screen, or any screen for that matter? The pair’s ability to be vulnerable with each other, despite their tragic pasts, is why they rank so high on this list. They’re equals and they make each other better, two ingredients for a truly iconic ship.

Arya and Gendry


Sure, Arya and Gendry haven’t seen each other since season three of Game of Thrones, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, guys, as does years spent rowing aimlessly around Westeros. Gendry had plenty of time to think about Arya, their friendship, and his budding romantic feeling for her which he declared right before being sold to Melissandre. Arya’s been a bit busier, training to kill the names on her list and all, but this pairing would fulfill a promise made back in season one, when King Robert Baratheon told Eddard Stark he wished for his son to marry Stark’s daughter. Of course, then the men were talking about Sansa and Joffrey, but Arya and Gendry could certainly fit the bill.

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