This Service Not Only Spoils ‘Game Of Thrones’ For People You Hate, But It Tweets Their Hilarious Reactions

06.23.16 3 years ago

Judging by Facebook comments on any given Monday morning, you might think that Game of Thrones spoilers are an offense worse than murder. Even Maisie Williams can’t tweet her happiness over her character’s evolution without drawing heat from pissed off fans who aren’t watching the hit HBO series as it airs. Shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have created ridiculous debates over how long people should wait before talking about their favorite shows on social media, while people should probably just avoid Twitter and Facebook until they’ve watched.

But what if you’re the type of person who likes to spoil things for people? What if you’re a cunning troll who knows that someone isn’t watching GoT until Monday morning? Even better, what if you’re the type of person who has been wronged or hurt by someone who loves the show so much that he’d be devastated to find out via text message that [SPOILER!] Sansa Stark had Ramsay Bolton’s own dogs eat him? Well, there’s now a website for that.

For people who don’t want to do their dirty work the old-fashioned way, Spoiled charges “ruthless” people 99 cents to anonymously spoil Game of Thrones for “unsuspecting friends after each episode airs.” However, you’d have to be a pretty big dick to do this to a friend, so let’s call it what it is – a revenge service. But it gets even better/worse. Not only does Spoiled ruin Game of Thrones for your “friends,” but when they text back with outrage or a hilarious hissy fit, the service then tweets a screen shot so everyone can point and laugh along.

According to the service’s website, the fee covers an entire season, so if you’re looking to get back at someone for the season finale on Sunday, just know that your fiendish ways won’t roll over for season seven.

(Via The Guardian)

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