People On Twitter Are Attempting To Summarize All Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ In A Single Tweet

05.20.19 4 weeks ago

Helen Sloan for HBO

Look, not everyone watches Game of Thrones. Just because its grand finale outperformed even the much-better-liked closing of The Sopranos, or that it’s pretty much all anyone can talk about on Twitter, doesn’t mean absolutely everyone is a follower. Cast in point: Someone took to social media to ask if someone, anyone, could summarize the entire eight-season, 71-episode run in a single tweet. Some fans took that as a challenge.

That person was Amy Cuddy, a psychologist and bestselling author. It’s not clear whether she had never seen Game of Thrones, or if she was just throwing down an impossible challenge to see if there would be anyone foolish enough to try. Well, there were.

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