‘Game Of Thrones’ Viewers Were Awestruck Over One Magnificent Shot In The Finale


Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers will be found below.

Game of Thrones viewers gathered for a true TV event on Sunday, and perhaps this is the last incident of this scale that we’ll see, ever again in pop culture. With so many TV shows popping up every week (over 500 scripted original seasons surfaced in 2018), it’s difficult for series to gain traction long enough to survive, let alone become a juggernaut like the eight-season run of Westeros drama. Few series can motivate people to always tune in live anymore, but with Game of Thrones, no one wants to wait and stream later. As tonight’s episode warmed up, and people wondered who would end up on the Iron Throne and what on earth would come of the rest of King’s Landing after Dany torched the place, people were awestruck by one particular shot.

Indeed, this was a majestic happening and one that left folks conflicted about the Mad Queen looking, well, so magnificent with Drogon’s wings unfolding behind her. One viewer even remarked that she’d done “full on Vader” in her newly solidified villainy. Still, the overriding sentiment was about the striking visual. Yes, Dany’s gone evil incarnate, but she looks badass.