Gillian Anderson Wants To Hear From Women About What They ‘Really Think About Sex’ For A New Book

The X-Files turned Gillian Anderson into a sex symbol. Sex Education made her a sexpert. Ever since the series premiered in 2019, Anderson has been asked by friends “if women sometimes felt compelled to share their sexual problems or fantasies with me,” she wrote in an article for the Guardian. “Well, they don’t. Which ultimately is what gave me the idea for a book — a My Secret Garden for the 21st century, so to speak — that would be revelatory and profound, and inclusive across the board.”

Anderson wants women — meaning anyone who identifies “intrinsically as women now: queer, heterosexual and bisexual, non-binary, transgender, polyamorous” — of all ages and religions to “write to me and tell me what you think about when you think about sex.”

She continued:

“Whether it’s when you’re having it by yourself or with a partner, or with more than one. Tell me. Fantasies, frustrations, explorations, the forbidden, childhood, sounds, fetishes, guilt, insatiability. Fifty years on, the boundaries have been erased, no more so than in our own sexuality: BDSM, the modern meaning of gender etc, anything is up for grabs. Are women still the silent sex? I suppose that is one of the things we’re going to find out. I’m hoping your voices from diverse nationalities and backgrounds will shed light on just how far we have come since 1973.”

To submit to the project, “Dear Gillian” (which “will form a generation-defining book, compiling your anonymous letters to me to explore how women really think about sex,” Anderson wrote) head here by February 28th.

(Via the Guardian)