There Seems To Be A Split Over The Importance Of ‘Gilmore Girls’ Final Four Words

Jimmy Fallon has been keeping the fire for Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls for a few weeks now, laying out his favorite characters and spending time during the show talking about this rewatch of the earlier seasons. He doesn’t have much time left to catch up, but he did get a nice surprise on Tuesday’s show. Scott Patterson, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn all stopped by and Patterson dropped a hint that the mythical “four words” that will close the series are out in the wild and he knows what they are.

There’s no revelation here, but if you do a little looking around you can see that there seems to be a difference of opinion over how important these words could be. It is important to Gilmore Girls fans and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has had a decade to keep these words in her mind, forced to put them on hold after leaving the series before its final season. It’s meant to be powerful, it’s meant to philosophical — Patterson says as much above– and it’s meant to be secret. Only a select few know and they will be spoken by two characters on the show: Lorelai and Rory. What they say is not written down, but Lauren Graham is one of the special folks in the know and she spilled some detail in an interview with TV Guide:

“Amy already told them to me,” Graham told Ausiello. “She didn’t realize that I didn’t know them. It’s actually been helpful not knowing them because people ask me and I tell them I don’t know—because I really didn’t know. You know? So I asked her, ‘Who says them?’ And she says, ‘Both of you.’ That’s all I can say. It’s not, you know, in unison.”

So both of the titular Gilmore Girls say these words, meaning they likely know it. We know Peterson is aware, along with Liza Well. But who else? Well there’s Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore on the show, but her version of the words spits a different tune for how the series will end:

Bishop says the four words were kept top-secret, with the end of the script merely saying, “And then the last four words are said.” She doesn’t consider herself a particularly nosy person, so she went most of the shoot without bothering ask about them. When she finally did ask someone, they told her, and she said, “Oh.”

“If it’s true, this is a really lousy thing to say, if it’s really true that those are the last four words then my reaction is, ‘Eh,’” she shrugs. “That’s it.”

It’s something that fans will likely have to stomach heading into their binge watch on Friday. It seems it could either be the greatest thing to ever end a television series or it could be another Sopranos blackout moment. Not saying that was a bad ending, but it seems that a lot of people were pissed when it happened.

(Via The Tonight Show / Vulture / E!)