‘Girl Meets World’ Is Doing Good By Bringing Back Mr. Feeny And Eric Matthews

Full House isn’t the first TGIF show to make an unlikely, nostalgia-fueled return. Let’s not forget that Girl Meets World, Disney Channel’s delayed spinoff of Boy Meets World, is about to start its second season, and when it’s back, we’ll see some familiar, if slightly aged faces.

Mr. Feeny and Eric Matthews are coming to the show in May.

William Daniels (George Feeny) [will] show up on May 11 in the season two premiere “Girl Meets Gravity.” The episode will see Riley and Maya with a new teacher whose identity has yet to be revealed…Eric (Will Friedle) will make his much-anticipated GMW debut May 15 in the aptly titled, “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels.” (Via)

The streets will soon be filled with calls of “Fee-hee-heenay.” The dream of the ’90s, indeed.

(Via EW)