Commemorating The Latest Devastating Event On ‘The Walking Dead’

10.25.15 4 years ago 80 Comments


ALEXANDRIA — The Walking Dead‘s Glenn Rhee died unexpectedly this week after falling from a trash dumpster and being devoured by zombies. Rhee was in his mid-to-late 20s.

Rhee died as he lived: Sacrificing himself for the good of others. Rhee, a Michigan native born of Korean immigrants, relocated to Atlanta as an adult, where he worked as a pizza delivery person until the zombie apocalypse arrived. Thereafter, he became a supply runner for a group of survivors outside of Atlanta, relocating with them recently to Alexandria, a small community in the outskirts of Washington, D.C.

On the day of his death, Rhee was fleeing from a horde of zombies, attempting to prevent them from reaching his community. Trapped in a store with a longtime friend, Michonne, and a number of acquaintances (three of whom were already critically injured), Glenn selflessly volunteered himself to set a feed store ablaze in order to attract the attention of the walkers and prevent them from entering Alexandria.


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