‘GLOW’ Was Reportedly Almost Canceled By Netflix After One Season


GLOW is one of the best shows on Netflix, and the wrestling-comedy racked up 10 Emmy nominations (including Outstanding Comedy Series), but the streaming service almost body-slammed/suplexed/other wrestling pun for canceled the series after one season. A source told the Wall Street Journal that there “were serious conversations from the tech side pressuring the Hollywood side not to renew it for a second season.”

The tech side argued the show should be canceled because of lackluster viewership, people familiar with the situation said. The Hollywood side felt it was worth continuing the show, given the importance of Ms. Kohan to Netflix and the critical acclaim GLOW had received. (Via)

Ms. Kohan is executive producer Jenji Kohan, who created one of Netflix’s most popular and decorated shows, Orange Is the New Black. Kohan also reportedly objected to Netflix’s marketing for GLOW, “which executives said was based on internal data to attract viewers. She felt it catered to males when the show was really geared to women.” Thankfully, commonsense won out, and GLOW returned for season two and it’s already been renewed for season three. The world would have been a lesser place without the “Don’t Kidnap” song in it.

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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