The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Are Back In The ‘GLOW’ Season 2 Trailer

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06.11.18 3 Comments

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back for another season of ridiculous hair and (hopefully) drug robots. When we last left Sam Sylvia’s motley crew, they were probably listening to Mötley Crüe (it was 1985) and definitely competing for GLOW’s first-ever championship crown. In the title match, small-town girl Liberty Belle triumphed over heel Zoya the Destroya, but the real battle was between Debbie (Betty Gilpin) and Ruth (Alison Brie), who asks her former-friend if she wants to grab a drink. “No,” Debbie responds. “We’re not there.”

They’re still not there in the full-length season two trailer. Things are looking up elsewhere, though: the wrestlers now have a bigger, more professional practice space with a less creaky ring, they’re getting recognized in public, and She Wolf even has fans (or, at least a fan) who dresses up like her. The GLOW gang is a genuine sensation, but after Ruth appears to turn down the creepy advances of a male producer or executive, they’re on the verge of cancelation. Sam’s response when a men’s wrestling show takes their timeslot: “I say we do whatever the hell we wanna do. Set the weirdos free, and see what happens.”

We’ll find out what happens on June 29, when GLOW returns for season two.

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