Good News: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed

Encouraging proof that there’s room on Fox’s “Animation Domination” Sundays for shows NOT created by Seth MacFarlane: several news sources are reporting that the network has renewed freshman comedy “Bob’s Burgers.”

There’s been evidence for weeks the show would get picked up; Fox had quietly ordered more scripts weeks ago. Ratings-wise, Bob’s has been proving itself on a regular basis, consistently retaining a healthy share of its The Simpsons lead-in. [Vulture]

I’m happy about this. I don’t get a much of a chance to talk about “Bob’s Burgers” — because it’s on Sunday nights, it usually gets bumped from my weekend preview for higher-profile shows — but the show’s become a welcome part of my Sunday routine. Even though I don’t love the art for the show, the writing and voice work more than make up for it. The brilliant H. Jon Benjamin somehow makes Bob sound nothing like Sterling Archer, and the hint of crazy in Kristen Schaal’s squeaky voice is a perfect fit for Louise.

Sayyyy… what’s with Hollywood executives renewing all the good comedies while the bad ones get canceled? It makes me suspicious, like this is a diversionary tactic of some sort. I’m starting to look over my shoulder every time I read encouraging news.