A Simple Question: Should ‘SNL’ Let Guy Fieri Host An Episode?

The 45th season of Saturday Night Live is humming right along. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has hosted. So has Woody Harrelson. Eddie Murphy is booked to make his big return to the show for the Christmas episode, which settles one of the long-running show’s longest-running topics of debate. And with that one out of the way, it frees all of us up to focus on new issues. New unanswered questions about who should host and when. Questions like, for example, should SNL let Guy Fieri host an episode at some point?

It’s a fair question. Should Saturday Night Live, a comedy institution in America for almost half of a century, invite Guy Fieri, noted spiky-haired Food Network cholesterol aficionado, host an episode of the show, possibly as soon as this year? Perhaps you have an opinion on this subject. Perhaps you shouted it at your screen as soon as you read the headline. Perhaps you are still shouting. Feel free to tucker yourself out with it. Get it all out of your system now because, below, I am going to present the case for and the case against letting Guy Fieri host SNL and it will be much easier if I don’t have to shout over you.

I will if I have to.