Enjoy Grumpy Cat Pumpkin, Walter White Pumpkin, And A Slew Of Other Cool Pop Culture Halloween Pumpkins

Grumpy Cat pumpkin painting instructions available at The Swell Life.

Halloween is only a week away, so we’ll have to figure out if we’re going to paint or carve any pumpkins this year. (I carved a pumpkin once. It was awful.)

Earlier this month we rounded up cheap Halloween costumes and geeky pumpkins, but there are still plenty of pop culture Halloween pumpkins we can glare at jealously because they’re cooler than anything we’ve made. We’ve collected 25 such examples here. Special thanks to Alexa for giving us permission to use her picture above.

An amazing Breaking Bad “Walter Orange” pumpkin made by tripperfunster.

Heath Ledger’s Joker photographed by Brandi Korte.

The Shining pumpkin photgraphed by Jose Martinez.

Drake O’Lantern made by Myles Tanzer. [via]

E.T. photographed by Brandi Korte.

Harry Potter photographed by Rick Payette.

Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison pumpkins photographed by Amelia Extra.

Alien vs. Predator photographed by Brandi Korte.

Steve Jobs photographed by Michael O’Connor Clarke.

“Told my son he was old enough to carve his own pumpkin this year. He said ‘I’ve got a better idea Dad’.” — buskey

Pirates of the Carribean pumpkins photographed by Brandi Korte.

Nyan Cat photographed by ThinkGeek.

Angry Birds photographed by Larraine.

Angry Birds pumpkin photographed by Schum.

Toy Story pumpkins photographed by Brandi Korte.

Jessie and Bullseye (Toy Story) photographed by Brandi Korte.

My Neighbor Totoro pumpkin photographed by mliu92.

Bruce (Finding Nemo) and Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas) photographed by Sean Madden.

Bat Boy made by Eric.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space pumpkin photographed by Brandi Korte.

Cthulhu photographed by Kevin Meehan.

Shaun of the Dead photographed by Jim Reynolds.

“Longcat vs Tacgnol” photographed by Mike Myers.

Let’s go exploring! [via]