Happy Sexiversary: The Best Lines From FXX's 'The League'

If there were any weaknesses in “The Bye Week,” last night’s episode of The League, all was forgiven when Jenny (who I have a giant crush on) removed her button-down T-shirt Natalie Hurley style and mounted Kevin on the stairs. Sadly, the end result was a pair of firecrotches, thanks to Taco’s “Too hot to handle” wing sauce. Let this be a lesson, fellas: Always wash your hands after eating wings before you get into your significant other’s business. Meanwhile, Sofia lives! We saw Ruxin’s wife for the first time this season (and we saw a lot of her), while Taco opened a food truck called “Taco’s Food Truck” that did not sell Taco’s, and Ruxin had a bye week away from family obligations.

Here are the best lines from last night’s episode.

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