Watch The First Teaser For Martin Scorsese’s New HBO Music Industry Series, ‘Vinyl’

There is a TV show coming to HBO about the music industry in the ‘70s. This may sound interesting. It’s being produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, and Scorsese is directing the pilot, which is being written by Terence Winter. This makes the show, which we only recently found out is called Vinyl, a very exciting project. It’s been hovering on the periphery of the industry for a little while now, but we’ve finally gotten a teaser for show.

It’s a brief and abstract teaser, but again, it’s for a Scorsese show, so it’s worth checking out. It’s about setting a mood, with images of instruments and recording equipment, but also drugs and money and a lady putting on lipstick, presumably with sexual intentions. It is HBO, after all.

Vinyl stars Bobby Cannavale as the president of a struggling record company in 1970s New York. The supporting cast includes Ray Romano, Olivia Wilde, and Andrew “Dice” Clay. The presence of Jagger as a producer should lead to him being able to trot out the hundreds of crazy anecdotes he must have from being a living rock legend who was extremely popular in the ‘70s. Also, he got his son cast on the show as a punk rocker named Kip Stevens.

The teaser post indicated more will be coming later this week, so maybe we will see some actual real footage of Vinyl soon. For now, though, we have been successfully teased.

(Via /Film)