Henry Winkler Is Auctioning Off One Of Fonzie’s Iconic Leather Jackets From ‘Happy Days’

As far as Henry Winkler knows, there are only seven of Fonzie’s jackets from Happy Days left in the world. One is in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; one was stolen; one was destroyed to perform the “jump the shark” scene; two were in the possession of late Happy Days creator Garry Marshall; and he owns the other two.

Soon, he’ll only own one, as the other is being auctioned off.

Winkler is selling items from his personal memorabilia collection as part of the “26-lot Henry Winkler Collection” on December 8 at Bonhams Los Angeles. “During the pandemic, I had the urge for spring cleaning except that it lasted for a year and a half. I found 27 boxes and those boxes were filled with memorabilia from Happy Days to The Waterboy to Scream,” the Barry actor told the Hollywood Reporter.

Those boxes contained everything from T-shirt and hat collections to “the book that I held on the sidelines in The Waterboy for making plays,” he says, plus “two masks from Scream that I cut onscreen and the prop people gave me them because they weren’t going to be used again.” Winkler, who appeared as Principal Himbry in the 1996 film, is selling one of the Scream Ghostface masks; it has an estimate of $20,000 to $30,000.

The auction (part of the proceeds go towards This Is About Humanity) is heavy on Happy Days items and you can also buy his boots from 1974’s The Lords of Flatbush, but if I could own any piece of Winkler merch, I would want the photo of balls.