Here Are Your Defenestration GIFs From Last Night’s Unintentionally Hilarious ’24’

Last week on 24: Live Another Day, as you may recall, President James Heller was blown up at midfield of an empty, fully-lit Wembley Stadium by a drone piloted by Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones, who is a terrorist now. This week on 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer landed a helicopter on the roof of the building she had barricaded herself in, rappelled down the side, grabbed a joystick and steered a speeding missile safely into a river, then threw her — a high-level international terrorist who had just acquired a device that allowed her to take control of the U.S. military’s drones, and who presumably possessed useful information about her as-yet-unaccounted-for co-conspirators — right out the dang window to her death, despite the fact that he had just disarmed her and appeared to have the situation completely under control. (Actual dialogue: “Hundreds of people died today because of you and Heller! You think you’ve won, but this is all on your head!” “The only death on my head … IS YOURS!” Then WHEEEEEEEEEEE out the window.)

And he did that right after throwing her son out the window, because apparently every character Michelle Fairley plays must have a son who gets defenestrated.

24: Live Another Day might honestly be the funniest show on television right now. I mean, I didn’t even get to the part where the president was alive the whole time because Chloe had secretly looped the feed of him standing in the center of the soccer stadium, thus allowing him to sneak away just before impact, even though the terrorists watched their missile hit him, which would only make sense if Chloe had created a perfect CGI facsimile of the president and plopped him into the terrorists’ live feed in the five stress-filled minutes she had before it happened, which is just terrific, especially when you remember she was doing all this from inside a London pub that had free WiFi. Like I said, hilarious.

Short version: Jack Bauer is McBain now. Please make a note.

Thanks to Chet for the GIFs