Here’s A Wonderful ‘Prick’ Photobomb That A Reality TV Star Wants Banished From The Internet

Before today, I had never heard of Tallafornia — my knowledge of Irish reality shows that premiered in 2011 is sadly limited — but apparently it’s “Ireland’s answer to Jersey Shore,” set in the “quiet village of Rathcoole, ten minutes outside Tallaght, and is considered competition to RTÉ’s Fade Street.” LOVE Fade Street, though, what with all the fading and such. One of the show’s biggest stars is Phil Penny, who’s currently “unemployed,” but recently “hooked up with Kildare stunner Kimberley Behan, and although it’s early, romance appears to be blossoming.” But why are we taking about The McSituation, outside of wishing him the best in his relationship with Kimberley?

Because he’s not very happy about a photo of him that’s circulating around the Internet.

According to Joe.IE:

The offending pic features a young unnamed lad from Kildare and Philip ‘Philly’ Penny from Tallafornia in a shopping centre somewhere in the country.

It looks like your typical ‘Look who I saw today’ picture of a celebrity, but the young lad actually has the word ‘Prick’ drawn on his arm with an arrow pointing in the direction of Philly.

The picture isn’t sitting too well with Philly who has taken to Facebook to vent his rage. (Via)


Honestly, they’re both pricks — the photobomber for wearing that tight of a sweater, the photobombee for being on the Irish Jersey Shore (he looks like the kind of guy who, during a talking head interview, would say, “The only thing greener than Ireland’s shores is my vomit”). To paraphrase a bunch of likable American drunks, we’ve entered the game of pricks with THE IRISH MUST BE STOPPED.

(Via Reddit)